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Blogger Candidate Forum: Great Debate Round III

Hello Everyone:

It is time for the final round of the Great Debate between Democratic nominee Secretary Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and Republican standard bearer Donald Trump (R-NY).  Given the nasty tone of the previous debate, it remains to be seen if both candidates can maintain some sense of decorum and focus on the subjects.  The pressure to preform will be the greatest on Mr. Trump.  Mr. Trump has been conducting a scorched earth campaign-rowing at the Republican party leadership, the media, the Democratic party, and the Clinton campaign.  This campaign strategy has manifested in falling poll numbers for Mr. Trump.  For Madame Secretary, the challenge is can she deliver the knock out blow?  Two subjects absolutely sure to come up are sexual assault allegations against Mr. Trump and leaked emails made public by WikiLeaks, hacked from Clinton campaign manager John Podesta's private email account.  Fox News presenter Chris Wallace is the moderator and has selected: debt and entitlements, immigration, the economy, the Supreme Court, foreign hot spots, and fitness for office.  The debate is sponsored by the Commission on Presidential Debates and takes place on the campus of the University of Nevada Las Vegas.  Fasten your seat belts, here we.
Debt and Entitlements
Why are you right and why is your opponent wrong on the subject
DT: wants stronger boarders. HRC wants open boarders. Heroin biggest problem from porous. Does not support amnesty. Wants to build wall. First secure boarders and deport drug lords then figure out the rest.
HRC: wants to keep undocumented families together. DT said every undocumented person should be rounded up. Supported for boarder security. Wants to put resources into deporting violent immigrants.
Introducing comprehensive immigration reform with path to citizenship.
DT: HRC wanted wall in 2006. Will do better business with Mexico.
HRC: there are wall in some places. More enforcement technology. Wants to get undocumented immigrants out of the shadows.
DT: POTUS deported millions of people. Disaster on trade and open boarders
HRC: secure boarders. Confronted by WikiLeaks email: open boarders. Referring to energy and energy grid. Russians engaged in spying on Americans. Given information to WikiLeaks to influence election. DT rejects Russian spying on Americans.
DT: people are going to pour into the country. Stop radical Islam terrorists. Doesn't know Putin. No respect POTUS or HRC.
HRC: DT won't admit Russians engage in espionage. DT follows Putin. 17 intelligence professionals say Russian leadership behind attacks
DT: says he condemned Russian involvement in cyberattacks. Russia has more nuclear weapons
HRC: very casual about nuclear weapons.
DT: renegotiate defense agreements: NATO
HRC: would work with allies
The Economy
Why your plan will create more jobs and opportunities and your opponent won't
HRC: create new jobs in infrastructure, equal pay, make college debt free, clean energy jobs, raise taxes on wealthy and corporations. DT would give tax breaks to wealthy and corporations.  More technical education.
DT: HRC plan would result with tax increase. Goes back to previous question. Suddenly allies are paying their share. Renegotiate trade deals. If can't renegotiate deals, then go a different way.
HRC: DT advocate largest tax increase. Not increase taxes on anyone making less than 250,000. Investments in education and new. Similar to Obama stimulus in 2009. Led to slower growth. HRC say her plan is combination. POTUS took steps to save economy. Invest from middle out and bottom up. Have to do more to get economy going.
DT: Conservative economics say DT plan unrealistic. Last jobs report was awful. Manufacturing is non-existent. Import products. Blames NAFTA. HRC wants to sign TPP.
HRC: Final agreement for TPP did not meet her jobs test. DT ship jobs to Mrxico. China dump steel on USA. DT use Chinese steel. Will have trade prosecutor to enforce deals.
DT: HRC all talk no action
HRC: brings up 30 years of experience. Working to help American people.
DT: bragging about business experience
Fitness For Office
Sexual assault allegations
DT: blames HRC and DNC for campaign rallies. Denied knowing women who are accusing him of assault
HRC: confirms that DT bragged about assault at last debate. DT blamed women. Belittle women. This is who DT is. This is not who we are as country. We celebrate are diversity. America is good and great.
DT: says he has respect for women. Goes back to emails.  Destroyed 30,000 emails. Accuses HRC of lying to America and Congress. 4-star General going to jail
HRC: doesn't take responsibility for belittling people. Pattern of divisiveness.  Pay-to-play: worked to further interests of U.S. Proud of work of the Clinton Foundation.
DT: remind HRC that Clinton Fiundatuon took money from countries that violate human rights
HRC: Clinton Foundation raised money for Haiti. Agricultural and small businesses.
DT: contributes money to own foundation. Used money to pay lawsuits.
HRC: reminds audience DT hasn't released tax returns. Hasn't paid federal tax. Undocumented immigrants paying more taxes than DT.
DT: entitled to take tax credits. HRC won't change law.  Rigged elections-will DT accept result of this election. Will see what falls out. Blames corrupt media. Millions people shouldn't allowed to vote including HRC. Not prepared to have peaceful transition of government.
HRC: DT blames rigged system when things don't go his way. Talking down democracy.
Foreign Hot Spots
What happens the day after IS leaves. Put US troops
HRC: will not support US forces as a occupying forces. Supports Iraqi forces. Wants intelligence surge to keep eye on Syria. No fly zone and safe zone. Gain some leverage on Russia and Syria. Wants diplomatic end to conflict
DT: Will not divulge plan for day after IS leaves. IS leaders gone. Iran will benefit from Iraq taking Mosul. Still says he was against invasion of Iraq.
HRC: DT supported Iraq invasion. Understand interplay. Mosul is on the boarder of Syria. Go after Bagdadhi. Go after leades and fighters.
DT: HRC has bad judgment and instincts. Aleppo-DT said it was a catastrophe. Syria and Russia been bombing Aleppo. Blames HRC for fighting Assad. Assad aligned with Russia and Iran. US backs rebels. Don't know who rebels are. Could end up with worse then Assad and cause great migration.
HRC: No fly zone. What happens if Russia violates it. Believes it could save lives. Requires negotiations. Believes it would be in the best interests of people on the ground. Will do thorough vetting. Work with American Muslims communities. Be clear about threat.
DT: US outplayed by Russia, Syria, Iran
National Debt
Why are both ignoring increase in debt
DT: would increase growth to 7 percent. Will bring back jobs and manufacturing. Useprivate business people to negotiate trade deals. Create economic machines that will generate wealth.
HRC: remind audience that DT believes he alone can fix the debt. HRC plan pays for everything it proposes. Go where the money is. Will not slow down growth-middle out growth. Invest in individual and families.
Niether has plan to deal with dwindling entitlement
DT: tax cuts to save entitlements. a Repeal and replace ACA.  Premiums go up
HRC: Need to put more money into social security trust fund. Go after wealthy. Not cut benefit. Enhance benefits for low-income workers. DT proposes increases in debt. Reduce costs and emphasize wellness.
Why should we choose you?
HRC: wants to be president for everyone. Stand up for families. Good jobs and education
DT: will make America great. Take care of veterans. Law and order. Inner cities are disaster. Will do more for Latinos and African Americans.
The Supreme Court
How should the Constitution be interpreted and what direction should the court go.
HRC: what kind of country will be and what kind of opportunities. SCOTUS stand on side of people: women and LGBTQ. Stand up to corporations and Citizens United. Not reverse marriage equality and Roe v. wade. SCOTUS reflect all of us.
DT: need SCOTUS to uphold 2nd amendment. Justices will appoint be pro-life and protect 2nd amendment. Literal interpretation of Constitution.
Justices could end up changing the 2nd Amendment
HRC: supports 2nd Amendment. Supports gun ownership. Wants reasonable gun law. Comprehensive  background checks and close gun show loophole. Disagreed which way court applied 2nd Amendjnet in Heller case.
DT: how will you protect 2nd amendment. HRC was upset
HRC: dozens of toddlers injur themselves. Supports right to bear arms. Not conflict with support of guns. Bring people together on sensible gun control.
DT: strong supporter of 2nd amendment. Appoint justices that support it.
Abortion: Roe v. Wade
DT: Abortion issues will go back to states
HRC: supports Roe v. Wade. States putting stringent regulations on abortions. Supports Planned Parenthood. Remind audience her DT said women should be punished for abortions.  Does support late term abortion because of risk to mother.
DT: does not support late term abortions
Foreign Hot Spots
Fitness for Office

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The Cheapest Housing Is The One Already Built

Already built affordable housing
Hello Everyone:

It is Monday and time for a fresh week's worth discussions.  On Wednesday, yours truly will be live blogging from the final presidential debate, which takes place on the campus of the University of Las Vegas, Nevada.  However, today Blogger wants to talk about one of the least glamorous issues on the campaign trail, the affordable housing crisis.

Finding affordable housing in the United States has reached crisis level.  To wit, there is not one a single county within the U.S. with sufficient housing units for everyone.  In her CityLab article, "Got an Affordable Housing Crisis?  Save the Cheap Housing You Already Have," Tanvi Misra writes, "Constructing more housing is important...but we can't just build our way of the problem..."  True enough.  Sometimes the best and more cost effective approach is to "...simply preserve the existing affordable housing stock, instead of allowing it get swept away by development."

In a new research brief published by the Urban Institute, Preserving affordable housing: what works (; date accessed Oct. 17, 2016), co-author and research associate Mark Treskon says,

There's a big discussion about affordable housing out there, but the issue of's not always as sexy as new construction...It can get a little bit lost in the shuffle.

The Mac Arthur Transit Village under construction, 2014
San Francisco, California
If you are like yours truly and live in a city where rents are through the roof, then you will appreciate the fact that need to save existing affordable housing units is growing more urgent by the day.  Ms Misra writes, "According to a previous analysis [Ibid] by the Urban Institute, there are only 28 affordable units for every 100 renter households with incomes at or below 30 percent of area median income."  Shocking is it not?  According to the new UI brief,

Between 2001 and 2013, the U.S. housing market saw the disappearance of 2.4 million affordable units-both subsidized ones and market-rate units that households earning 50 percent of regional median income can afford.

This staggering loss is keenly felt in strong housing markets like Los Angeles, but it has also been observed in weaker markets ...where neglect and deterioration threaten affordable units... (Ibid)

Rental Assistance infographic
Architect Carl Elefante once said "The greenest building is indeed the one already built." (; date accessed Oct. 17, 2016)  This aphorism is never truer then when it comes to preserving existing properties.  Preservation does offer significant advantages.  It can be more cost effective (i.e. cheaper) than new construction, consistent existing land use, and not as likely to cause displacement for residents.  As great as this may sound, there are obstacles.  The biggest of these obstacles is putting together the money to finance and maintain these projects.  Mr. Treskon told Ms. Misra,

In a strong housing market, they are in competition with market-rate developers, who often have capital available and can put together their funding pretty quickly...That's a challenge-some developments are very large and cost million and millions of dollars.

However daunting coming up with the financing can be, Mr. Treskon and his colleague co-author Sara McTarnaghan assembled six case studies from around the United States that successfully saved existing affordable stock.  This is how it was accomplished:

Vida Lea Mobile Home Park
Walterville, Oregon
It's not just about buildings

When we think affordable housing, we think actual buildings but in rural communities, mobile housing or "manufactured housing" are a tremendous resource.  As good a solution as it seems, the problem with mobile housing is that residents seldom own the land their home is parked on.  Tanvi Misra reports, "That's not the case at the Vida Lea Mobile Estates in Leaburg, Oregon.  The owner of this 33-space mobile home park for senior citizens sold the property to some residents, who then converted it to a Resident Owned Community (ROC).  According to the UI brief:

A new hybrid homeownership and rental model, a ROC lets residents purchase and control their park, managing infrastructure, operations, and common areas.  Members one their homes and rent empty spaces to generate revenue that covers debt service and operating expense.  (; date accessed Oct. 17, 2016)

This ownership model, assisted by local law and funders, allowed residents to maintain and improve their homes and community, "spending $275,000 on infrastructure repaired like sewage system and driveways and amenities like laundry machines and common areas." 

Random abandoned building
Vacant buildings can be resources, with a little local help

Vacant buildings are an eyesore.  They bring down property values and attract dubious individuals.  That said, with a little attention vacant buildings can be transformed into sources of affordable housing.  For example, in the Austin neighborhood on Chicago's West Side, there was a large vacant mixed-use building.  The building had been empty for twenty when, in 2012, a potential buyer was referred to the Chicago-based Community Investment Corporation, which finances community development.  With their assistance, the new owners re-made the building into a residential, commercial, and community space for at-risk youth.

Federal housing subsidies, like the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program are of great importance to preservation initiatives.  Tanvi Misra adds, "But this case study is one of the many in the UI sample that demonstrates how useful local and state resources can be for financing such projects."

Monseñor Romero Apartments
Washington D.C.
Leverage local policy

In 2008, a fire burnt down the Monseñor Romero Apartments in the Washington D.C. neighborhood of Mt. Pleasant, displacing the residents.  Not long after, the resident made use of a convenient local policy-the Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act-to reclaim their homes.  This local ordinance requires building owners to give the tenants the right to buy their properties before offering it to other buyers.  The Monseñor Romero used this right in two national housing nonprofits with the ability to put together funds, those organizations were to buy the  buildings for the tenants in 2010.

Ms. Misra writes, "Most of the low- and middle-income Hispanic residents now have moved back to these apartments, which are located in a bustling neighborhood with Latino groceries and public transit."  Mark Treason adds,

the case demonstrates how a lot of preservation efforts work well in areas were local policies "allow residents to be able to come to the table and get a fair shake."

Putnam Square
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Collaboration is better than competition

Sometimes the best approach to preserving existing affordable housing stock is to get the original owners (or sympathetic ones) to be a willing participant.  This was the case with the Putnam Square Apartments in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  This building was designated for elderly and disabled tenants, built and formerly owned by Harvard University.  It was purchased by Homeowner's Rehab, Inc. a housing nonprofit which renovated the building.  Harvard took an interest in the buyer's scheme for the property and continued some funding for residential services.

These case studies present a myriad of solutions for affordable housing advocates.  Mark Treskon noted that despite the different geographic, economic, and political contexts,

...there's some commonality in things that might work...To an extent, it's an uphill battle, but preserving affordable housing carries with it a lot of advantages that builders, as well as lawmakers could really focus on.

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The 2016 11 Most Endangered Historic Places Part Two

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton
Hello Everyone:

Blogger Candidate Forum wanted to check in with a couple of thoughts on round two of the Great Debate.  The edge to Democratic nominee Secretary Hillary Clinton.  How did this round go?  In a word: nasty.  It did not take long for Republican nominee Donald Trump to go nuclear, bringing up former President Bill Clinton's treatment of women.  He went as far as to seat First Gentleman-in waiting's former accuser front and center, in a pathetic effort to distract his opponent   Typical of Mr. Trump, avoid answering the questions and divert attention back to Madame Secretary.  For his part, Mr. Trump remained mostly calm, channeling a little of his running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence.  For her part, it was an average debate performance, not quite as fiery as round one.  Mr. Trump persistently refused to describe his now viral audio/video tape as nothing more than "locker room talk."  He promised to prosecute Madame Secretary if elected president and broke with Gov. Pence on the topic of Syria.  In short, the debate was acrimonious. The final round is onOctober 19, in Las Vegas.  This is the make-or-break debate for both candidates.  Now on to today's post: part two of the 2016 list of 11 Most Endangered Historic Places.

James River
Lynchburg, Virginia
James River
Lynchburg, Virginia

In Wednesday's post, Blogger presented the first part on the National Trust for Historic Preservation's annual list of 11 Most Endangered Historic Places (  Today, yours truly presents the next group, starting with the James River in Lynchburg, Virginia.

The historic James River winds its way through a collection of cultural, historic, and natural resources in Virginia's Historic Triangle-a region that hosts 3.5 visitors every year.  The National Trust's objective is persuade law makers, considering a power line project, to either bury the lines or consider an alternative route that would protect the gorgeous landscapes of the Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Trail, Historic Jamestown, Colonial Parkway, and Carter's Grove.

The James River was first placed on the 11 Endangered Historic Places list in 2013 and part of America's first nationally recognized water trail.  The James River has been the scene of significant historical events that go back to pre-colonial America.  Beginning with the founding of the first permanent English colony in 1607, to serving as a transportation during the Revolution, a site for Civil War battles, and so much more.  This beautiful river has been the integral to American history.  Its cultural resources are forever intertwined with early American history and the region's environmental health.  The National Trust seeks to stop the construction of the transmission line in this historically significant place and raise awareness to the threat to the James River and spur public action.

Lions Municipal Golf Course
Austin, Texas
Lions Municipal Golf Course
Austin, Texas

 Our next stop is in Austin, Texas for a round of golf.  A round of golf at the historic Lions Municipal Golf.  Did you think we were going to just any golf course?  The Lions Municipal Golf Course was established in 1924 by the members of the Austin Lions Club.  The "Muny," as it is affectionately known, is Austin's oldest public golf course and often known as the first desegregated course in the South.  The golf course was desegregated in the late 1950, when two African-Americans youths strolled onto the golf course and permitted to play, marking the quiet desegregation of the Muny.  This is noteworthy because it was done without conflict or a lot of debate.

Presently, despite being placed on the National Register of Historic Place this past summer, the golf course's fate is in doubt.  Its lease, now held by the City of Austin and the University of Texas, technically expires in 2019, but previous public comments suggest a possible end to this agreement to make room for a potential commercial development on the site.  The future of the golf course is predicated on a longer-term lease agreement between the city and university.  Without a longer lease, the Muny cannot continue to bring to showcase an important part of American history.

Mitchell Park Domes
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Mitchell Park Domes
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

We now travel from Austin, Texas to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to pay a visit to the Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory-i.e. Mitchell Park Domes.  The Domes were designed by local architect Donald Grieb, who won a national design for the Domes, and built between 1958 and 1967.  This well loved institution is a fine example of engineering and a nationally recognized major example of Midcentury Modern architect.  The Domes have been the focal point of community life and a magnet for tourist for over fifty years.  The Grieb design features three domes: The Show Dome, the Tropical Dome, and the Arid Dome.  Each dome features a wide variety of flora that an observer dubbed a zoo for plants.  Late First Lady of the United States Lady Bird Johnson dedicated the Show Dome in 1965.  Included with the breath taking architectural feature, The Domes are wonders of modern engineering that feature the world's first conical domes.  They are the only conical domes in the world in use as conservatories.

After a small piece of concrete was found on the floor earlier this year-Milwaukee city officials  temporarily closed The Domes to the public.  Milwaukee County estimates that it would cost about $70 million to repair The Domes.  Based on this estimate and other determinants, civic and park officials are now thinking that The Domes have outlived their usefulness and could be razed.  Local preservation advocates have been encouraging the County to pursue alternatives.  The National Trust's history of championing Modernist resources and its vast network of people passionate about Midcentury Modernism can help find a preservation solution.

The Embarcadero
San Francisco, California

The Embarcadero
San Francisco, California

We now head to Blogger's home state of California, to the beautiful City by the Bay-San Francisco.  Our next stop is the National Register-listed The Embarcadero Historic District.  The Embarcadero has been the historic link between San Francisco and gorgeous bay. It is a major economic driver for the Bay Area, home to variety of sea-faring activities while acting as the region's ferry hub.  Its historic character, boosted by the 1991 demolition of the elevated Embarcadero Freeway and the completion of the major rehabilitation project including the landmark Ferry Building.  All of which contributed to the revitalization of the urban waterfront.

Success aside, the waterfront faces two natural threats: earthquakes and the rising sea level.  A recent earthquake vulnerability study of the 3-mile seawall concluded that there was a greater than average risk to the waterfront.  If that was not enough, the Embarcadero's buildings are also under threat from constant exposure to the harsh marine environment, exacerbated by climate change.  Case in point the Port of San Francisco expects a rise in the sea level of nearly 66 inches by 2100.  These dual threats present a giant challenge challenge to the future of the waterfront.  The at-risk assets generate $2.1 billion from rents, business income, and are significant contributor to the tourism industry, valued at over $11 billion.  The dual seismic and climate threats require a joint federal, state, regional and local response that necessitates creative approaches to assure long-term resilience for the Embarcadero's storied history.  The National Trust's ReUrbanism work highlights the importance to adaptive reuse to serve a 21st-century urban population.

Broadway Boulevard: The Sunshine Mile
Tucson, Arizona
The Sunshine Mile
Tucson, Arizona

Our final stop on our tour is the city of Tucson, Arizona.  We are cruising a two-mile stretch of Broadway Boulevard called the Sunshine Mile.  The Sunshine Mile is dotted with glass storefronts, geometric designed buildings, and uniquely designed signage.  This two-mile roadway represents Arizona's most important concentration of Midcentury Modernism.  The Sunshine Mile was primarily built between 1939 and 1972 and was developed as a commercial corridor following World War II as the American sense of optimism and economy boomed.  Some of the buildings along the Sunshine Mile were designed by influential architects such as: Sylvia and William Wilde, Anner Rysdale, and Nicholas Sakellar.

Currently, the Sunshine Mile is under threat from a proposed transportation project that would widen Broadway Boulevard from four to six lanes and in some portions-as much as nine lanes.  This plan would require the demolition and sale of several along the boulevard.  However, a group of Tucson's architects, planners, citizens, property owners, and advocates are looking for a compromise.  Working with civic officials, the group senses the opportunity to create policies that would preserve Broadway Boulevard's iconic architecture.  The Sunshine Mile is an vital and irreplaceable part of Tucson's history and highlights recent research by the National Trust's Green Lab, which presented evidence that the Sunshine Mile and similar areas with historic, smaller buildings, and mixed period style blocks significant add to the city's economic vitality, neighborhood vitality, and residential density,  This is comes at a significant time when cities are reusing older buildings to attract residents and grow local economic revenue.

If you would like more information about the National Trust for Historic Preservation 2016 list of 11 Most Endangered Historic Places and/or would like to get involved with campaigns to save these historic site, please go to

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Blogger Candidate Forum: Great Debate Round Two

Hello Everyone:

The Great Debate round two. Democratic presidential nominee Secretary Hillary Clinton does battle with embattled Republican nominee Donald Trump and the stakes are through the roof. For Madame Secretary, she needs to show that she can connect with the audience members, answer questions about the recently released transcripts from a paid speaking engagement that show her taking a completely opposition on free trade, and how will she respond to that now infamous Trump tape. For Mr. Trump, this is a chance to salvage his campaign and dignity. The question for him is will he go nuclear?  Will he bring up former President Bill Clinton past infidelities? The debate is a town hall format, hosted by Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz. The debate is taking place in the campus of Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri and sponsored by the Commission on Presidential Debate. Strap on your seat belts for this wild ride.

Audience Question: modeling appropriate behavior
HRC: acknowledged concerns about what has been said and done in campaign. Respect one another inclusive message. Work together and over come divisiveness. Set big goals and work together. Come together. Promises to be president for all Americans
DT: agrees with HRC. Calls himself a politician. Make America great again. Takes a swing at Iran deal and Obama Care. Almost $800 billion deficit. Strong borders, law and order. Wants to fix inner cities for African-Americans and Latinos

Anderson Cooper: brings up sex tape
DT: lockeroom talk. Diverts subject to terrorism. Says he's embarrassed about it. Promised to defeat ISIS. Has great respect. AC: have you done these things. Says that DT described a sexual assault. DT: denied. Make America safe and wealthy again
HRC: DT is unfit to be president and commander in chief. DT talking about women, thinks about women. Video doesn't represent him but this is who DT is. Also targets people of all races, genders ethnicities, and abilities. We are because we are good we will celebrate our diversity.
DT: dismisses HRC as just words. Will help inner cities.

Online question:  When did campaign change DT. Did that behavior continue
DT: lockeroom talk. Not proud. Just went nuclear. OMG. Acknowledges Clinton's "victims."  Remind audience of Clinton impeachment.
HRC: when they go low you go high. Reminder of DT pattern of behavior. Never apologized to anyone for anything.  Needs to take responsibility for actions and words.
DT: accused HRC of starting birther movement. Trying to pit HRC against FLOTUS. Says HRC rigged primaries. Should apologize for emails. If he wins, will appoint a special prosecutor for emails.l
HRC: fact check DT on campaign website.
Zinger from DT-says HRC belongs in jail

Martha Raddatz: follow up on emails
HRC: carelessness was a mistake. Misleading accusations. No evidence of private server being hacked. No evidence for classified material in wrong hands.
DT: accuses HRC of lying. Carrying on about those emails. Going after Congress. HRC should be ashamed of deleted 33,000 emails.

Audience question: ACA questions. Coverage down costs up. What would candidates do?
HRC: DT would repeal it. HRC would fix it. Reigning in costs. Those with employer insurance got big benefits. Save what works. Additional help to small businesses. Repeal it and benefits are lost and start all over again.
DT: ACA is disaster. Dems ask for more money. Far too expensive for person and country. Replace it with something less expensive. Allow interstate exchange. Want competition.  HRC wants single payer. Deductibles are going up. Repeal and replace

AC: Bill Clinton called ACA craziest thing
HRC: BC referred to costs. Repeal and replace it and insurance companies do what they want.
DT: plans so good and allow. Mandate for coverage?  No answer. Call ACA a fraud. Allow competition. Block grant into state Medicaid

Audience Question: how will you with Islamophobia
DT: there's a problem. Muslim communities must report potential terrorists. HRC will not say raid cal Islamic terrorism
HRC: refers to Capt. HumayanKhan. America where everyone has a place and contributes. Need American-Muslims to be eyes and ears on the ground. Important to include Muslims. Wants to work with Muslim nations to defeat ISIS

MR: ban on Muslims. Still his position.
DT: now he calls Capt. Khan a hero. Muslim ban morphed in extreme vetting. Blamed POTUS and HRC for refugee problem. Calls refugees Trojan Horse. Call for safe zone. Wants to vet Syrians more harsh.  Calls for humanitarian response. Calls for tough vetting based on intelligence experts. Not ban people based on religion. Religious tests?  DT extremely dangerous. His words are used for IS recruiting efforts.
DT: wants to deport criminal aliens.

Online question: WikiLeaks release of HRC paid speeches. Is it acceptable for politicians to have a private stance on issues
HRC:  Uses movie Lincoln (2012) to make point that it is hard to get Congress to do what the president wants. Kremlin directing hack attacks to influence elections. Working to influence election for DT. Demand that DT release tax release returns to see what business he has with Russia.
DT: believes Abraham Lincoln never lies. Wants to work with Russia to fight ISIS. Doesn't have any business with Russia or Putin. Diverts subject of taxes to HRC supporter. Will release taxes after audit.

Audience question: how will reform tax code
DT: blames HRC for not changing tax code. Get rid of carried interest provision, bring down tax rate, cut middle class taxes. HRC will raise taxes sky high. Will promote growth.  US has highest taxes.
HRC: says everything DT said is untrue. DT plan will give wealthy and corporations the biggest tax cuts.  End up raises taxes on middle class. Voted to close corporate loopholes. Wants Buffet rule (tax on incomes $1 million) surcharge on people making over $5 million. Reverse gains at top. Make corporations and wealthy pay the fair share.
DT: definitely used tax code to write $916 billion loss. Claims to know tax code better than anyone who ran for president. Write offs are depreciation. She just talks Bad judgment all around. Blame POTUS and HRC for ISIS.
HRC: wants to get rid of carried interest. Talks about 30 years of services. Worked across party lines for healthcare and adoption. Advocate for women rights. Negotiated treaty with Russia to reduce
nuclear weapons.

Online question: Syria. What would you do about Aleppo?
HRC: situation catastrophic. Russians determined to destroy Aleppo to get rid of rebels. Advocate no fly and safe zone. Leverage over Russia. Work closely with allies. Emphasized aggressiveness of
Russia.  Find areas to cooperate with Russia. Support war crimes investigation.
DT: talks tough against Russia. Russia expand nuclear program. US is old and tired in nuclear. HRC doesn't know who rebels. HRC foreign policy a disaster. Calls Iran deal the dumbest deal. Iran and Russia are against US. Russia, Iran, Syria killing ISIS.  ISIS is main target. Aleppo is a disaster and has fallen. Breaks with running mate over strategy.  Mosul-make a sneak attack.  What would DT's strategy be? No answer. Continues to talk about endorsements.
Threat of military force
HRC: wouldn't use ground troops. Use enablers and trainers. What would you differently?  Hope to push ISIS out of Iraq. Important planning- signal to Kurdish and Sunni fighters. Target Baghdadi. Consider arming the Kurds.

Audience question: do you believe you can be a president for all the people?
DT: yes. Goes after BC for signing NAFTA and not sign TPP.  Improve inner cities. HRC is all talk and no action. Improve education and bring jobs.
HRC: tried to support children and families. Worked for Children's Defense Funds. Worked on behalf of miniature and disabled children. Has deep devotion to making everyone feel that they have a place in America. Children listen to what is being said. Bullying is up children are expressing concern.
AC: recalls basket of deplorable a comments
HRC: regrets comment. Argument is with DT not supporters. Remind audience of incitement of violence and hateful comments. HRC and Sanders ran campaigns on based issues.
DT: a nation divided. Homocide. HRC has hate in her heart.
AC: discipline issue. Reminder of pre-dawn tweets.
DT: divert question to HRC not answering phone at 3am-Benghazi. Tweeting is a modern form of
HRC: DT doesn't have discipline to be a leader. Worked with across the aisle after 9/11

Audience question: Supreme Court justice selection
HRC: appoint justices with real life experience. Trial experience. Want SCOTUS to reverse Citizen United, understand Voting Rights, woman's right to choose and marriage equality. Scolds Senate for not holding vote to fill empty seat.
DT: wants to appoint more conservative justices. Respect Constitution and 2nd Amendment.  Asks HRC why she isn't self funding campaign

Audience question: energy question
DT: supposed alternative energy. HRC wants to put coal miners out of businesses. Clean coal.Bringenergy companies back to pay off debt and deficit. Bring back steel companies. End EPA regulations.
HRC: China illegally dumping steel and DT buying it for his construction projects. US is energy independent. MId East still controls oil production. Must remain energy independent and fight climate change  Move to clean energy. Revitalize coal country

Audience question: say something nice about the other person.
HRC: respect his children. Able and devoted says a lot about DT. Focus on policy not personal
DT: HRC is not a quitter

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Blogger Candidate Forum: Bad Very Bad

Hello Everyone:

Blogger Candidate Forum on the Trump scandal du jour.  For those of you who need to play catch up, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump got caught making vulgar comments about women, on an open microphone, during an interview with entertainment reporter Billy Bush. The off camera lewd remarks were made in 2005, as Mr. Trump was preparing for a guest appearance on the daytime television program Days of Our Lives. Yours truly will not repeat the comments, in the interest of maintaining some priority, suffice it say they have been repeated enough.  Although Blogger has, thus far, refused to react to any and all of Mr. Trump's steady stream of Twitter rants and verbal spewage, Blogger could not let this one go.

Needless to say, the Trump campaign is in damage control mode, again.  This time, the Trump-Pence campaign may not recover from the latest self-inflicted wound.  How deep is this wound?  It is deep enough that Reince Priebus, Republican National Committee chairperson has ordered money be funneled away from the Trump-Pence campaign, toward down ticket race and reach out to disaffected  Repiblicans, encouraging them to vote for Democratic nominee Secretary Hillary Clintion and her running mate Senator Tim Kaine. To give you an example, in the state of Florida, the RNC will redirect funds toward Senator Marco Rubio's re-election campaign and Floridians who support Madame Secretary (; date accessed Oct. 8, 2016). If that was not bad enough, Republicans, such as Arizona Senator John McCain, have rescinded their support for the nominee. It gets even worse. There is a growing chorus of Red Team members calling for Mr. Trump to step down in favor of his running mate Indiana Governor Mike Pence. That will not happen.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Mr. Trump told the newspaper that there was "zero chance" of him quitting the race. (Ibid) Why should he?  It is too late in the game and his ego is too heavily invested in it. Mr. Trump went on to tell the reporter that he was getting an unbelievable amount of support because Madame Secrerary is horribly flawed candidate (Ibid). Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Mr. Trump breezily dismissed this latest controversy, saying would all blow over the way it did after his comments about Senator McCain and his proposed ban on Muslims (Ibid). Oh really?  Is that what he thinks?  For his part, Gov. Pence did issue a statement saying that he was deeply offended by the comments and believes that Mr. Trump has sufficiently apologized and was praying for him. About that apology.

It was not so much an apology as the candidate going on the offensive. For the very briefest of moments, Mr. Trump actually did express regret for his comments. After that, he went on to describe this latest imbroglio as a mere distraction and that his comments, captured on an audiotape, were nothing compared to the way Madame Secretary and First Gentleman-in waiting Bill Clinton mistreated women. (; date accessed Oct. 8, 2016) Blogger's 10-1/2 year old nephew can come up with a more sincere apology than Mr. Trump.  This "apology" was just a shortened version of a stump speech he has given countless times and not a reflection of the countless hours of intense communications with his campaign staff, worried about their candidate's chances at the White House. His comments were framed as some sort of self-discovery journey, pledging to be a better person. When asked by the Wall Street Journal about his wife First Lady-in waiting Melania Trump and daughter Ivanka's reaction, Mr. Trump airily replied that they understood and were loyal.  Okay. How does this impact the remaining 29 days of this election marathon?

Sunday, October 9 is a crucial debate for both candidates. The town hall style debate will take place on the campus of Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. Madame Secretary has already stated that she plans to address the matter quickly. No doubt this will be on the minds of the audience, moderators Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz. What remains to be seen is how will Mr. Trump address the issue?  Will he sound a more sincere note of remorse or will he casually dismiss it as a distraction and try to turn it back to Madame Secretary. While we are on the subject, one has to wonder if Mr. Trump will pull the trigger on the nuclear option-Bill Clinton's martial infidelities.  Blogger can only hope that Donald Trump will try salvage what ever dignity he has and try to finish the campaign on a good note. Blogger is not that optimistic.

Truth be told, if Donald Trump was still an ordinary citizen, his vulgarities would be dismissed as the ramblings of a creepy rich man but he is not an ordinary citizen anymore. Mr. Trump is running for higher office and what he says or has said does matter. Taken in context with everything else he has said, you cannot let it go. You no longer can make the argument that he is not a polished politician.  Mr. Trump and his handlers have had ample time to smooth out the rough edges. This latest controversy comes at a time when every second of every day is absolutely crucial. Both candidates need every vote they can get. In Mr. Trump's case, he has already alienated enough voters with his sexist and bigoted comments that this bombshell may prove to be the final straw.  Taken together with    the distractions of the past few weeks-poor debate performance, pre-dawn Twitter rant directed at a former pageant winner, and the revelation that he used a tax loophole to avoid paying federal taxes on a $916 billion business loss-this latest controversy is bad, very bad. With time on the clock running down quickly and loudly, there is very little, if any, time to recover.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places, Part One

Governor Mike Pence and Senator Tim Kaine
Hello Everyone:

Blogger Candidate Forum wanted to check in with some thoughts about yesterday evening's bicker-fest-er-Vice President Debate between Governor Mike Pence (R-IN) and Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA).  That was fun was not it not?  Kudos to moderator Elaine Quijano for maintaining a sense of decorum to the proceedings.  The point of this debate was to get to know the running mates and get a sense of their fitness to assume of the president should the need arise.  By the end of the debate, Blogger did not get a sense of who these men are and what they personally stand for.  They both are good soldiers for their campaigns but Blogger wishes that Governor Pence would have stopped repeating the same tired Trump campaign lines and that Senator Kaine not adopt an aggressive rhetorical style.  The edge goes to the Indiana governor for remaining calm.  This debate will not make a difference in the campaign.  The next round is Sunday, October 9 when Donald Trump and Secretary Hillary will go at it in a town hall format.  Should be good.  Now on to today's topic: the 11 Most Endangered Places of 2016, part one.

America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places
Our friends at the National Trust for Historic Places published their annual list of America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places.  Today, yours truly presents part one of a two-part blog post of places you should know about.  The places on this list represent a cross section of historic sites that are under threat from inappropriate development or demolition.  If you would like to find out more about these places please go to  Shall we have a look?

Azikiwe-Nkrumah Hall
Lincoln University, Pennsylvania
 Azikiwe-Nkrumah Hall
Lincoln University, Pennsylvania

Built in 1865 and named for Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, the first president of Nigeria and Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the first president of Ghana, Azikiwe-Nkrumah Hall is the oldest building on the campus of Lincoln University.  It is also the site of the first post-secondary institution to educate former slave.  The building was in continuous use for almost a century until it recently closed.

The Hall's preservation is not only important to LU community but also to the greater story of how the 105 Historically Black Colleges and Universities created educational opportunities for former slaves and generations of African-American student.  The building is currently under threat of demolition.  The National Trust believes "The preservation and active use of Azikiwe-Nkrumah Hall is critical for connecting this important chapter of American history to the public and Lincoln University students and alumni..."

Bears Ears Cultural Landscape
Colorado Plateau, Utah
Bears Ears Cultural Landscape
Colorado Plateau, Utah

The next stop on our 11 Most Endangered Historic Places tour is Bears Ears Cultural Landscape.  This magnificent desert landscape, in Southeast Utah, is home to archeological sites, cliff dwelling, petroglyphs. and ancient roads that tell the tale of a diverse group of people over the course of 12,000 of human history.  The area is mostly federal land managed by the Bureau of Land Management. It currently lacks sufficient legal protection and funding to protect its resources.  The National Trust is going Native American tribes, conservation groups and public officials in requesting President Obama to use his authority, under the Antiquities Act, to declare Bears Ears a National Monument, to provide permanent protection.

Charleston Naval Hospital District
North Charleston, South Carolina
Charleston Naval Hospital District
North Charleston, South Carolina

We head down to North Charleston, South Carolina to visit the Charleston Naval Hospital District,  The Hospital District dates to 1902 and was primarily built by the Works Progress Administration in 1938, right in time for the outbreak of World War II.  The campus is one of three National Register Districts on the site of the former Charleston Navy Base.  The Hospital District played an important during the war, as a re-entry point for American soldiers wounded in Europe and Africa.  The Hospital District was built on a part of what was Chicora Park, designed by Frederick L. Olmsted in 1899.  Additionally, the campus features a hospital with a plan that reflects important advances in contemporary military medicine.  The main hospital building was built with specialized ward to include psychiatric care.

 The Hospital District is located in a rapidly developing of North Charleston and is mostly vacant, with only a few outlying buildings still in use.  The impending construction of a rail line proposed by Palmetto Railways would extend the length of the Hospital District and require the demolition of nine out of the 32 buildings and seriously impede the use of 19 others.  Not only would the rail line result in the destruction of important  buildings within the Charleston Naval Hospital District but would also diminish any potential adaptive re-use potential.

Chihuahua and El Segundo Neighborhoods
El Paso, Texas
Chihuahua and El Segundo Neighborhoods
El Paso, Texas

Chihuahua and El Segundo Neighborhoods are located south of Downtown El Paso, Texas.  The neighborhoods reflect the entire scope of the city's from the Spanish conquest through today.  The neighborhoods are also home to an impressive collection of historic buildings like abode houses dating back to the 1850s and Victorian-era hotels and shop that mark the beginning of El Paso's urbanization.  Throughout their history, neighborhoods have been shaped by legendary figures such as Pancho Villa and farmworkers and muralists.  Despite El Segundo's historic role as the "Ellis Island of the Border," the neighborhoods encompass the trans-national character of the city's border community.

A century after the first wave of Mexican families fled the Revolution and found refuge in Chihuahua and El Segundo Neighborhoods, its urban fabric, Latino and Chicano character remain essential parts of El Paso's cultural history.  However, as the city's development boom continues, the Neighborhoods are renewed threat of displacement and demolition.  El Segundo is under particular threat because it has no existing protections.  Despite there iconic status, the history of these neighborhoods, the small business and homes that have been in families for generations, remains threatened.The communities have much to contribute to El Paso's current development and the historic buildings can lead the way.  The National ReUrbanism program has shown the ability of older buildings to push forward economic development while contributing to the livability and quality of life.

Delta Queen
William Denny & Brothers, Ltd. architect
Houma, Louisiana
Delta Queen
Houma, Louisiana

  Are next stop is not exactly a place, in the literal sense, it is a thing,  A steamboat to be precise.  To be more precise, the Delta Queen, built in 1926 by William Denny & Brothers, Ltd.  The Delta Queen is the last remaining authentic connection to the 200-year tradition of passenger steamboats. Until 2008, the Delta Queen enjoyed grandfathered status from a law that forbade wooden boats transporting overnight passenger.  Its status expired and her ongoing inability to provide overnight cruises is a critical challenge.  The steamboat was first granted a reprieve in 1968 and it lasted until 2008; without protection, the steamboat's continued financial viability and historic integrity are threatened.  This threat can be easily dealt with by passing federal legislation that would reinstate the Delta Queen's grandfathered status and allow her to go back to overnight cruises, thus restoring a one-of-kind experience of traveling along America's historic waterways.

Historic Union Hotel
Historic Downtown Flemington
Flemington, New Jersey
Historic Downtown Flemington
Flemington, New Jersey

We travel to Historic Downtown Flemington, New Jersey for our next destination.  This treasure trove of 19th-cetury architecture is located about an hour's drive from both Philadelphia and New York.  Not only is Flemington a jewel box of 19th-century architecture, it is considered to be the second-largest historic district in the "Garden State."  Main Street's centerpiece is the 1877 Union Hotel, famous for housing the press, sequestered jurors, lawyers, and families involved in the Lindbergh baby kidnapping trial of 1935.

Infamy aside, the hotel is also notable for its murals of local scenes, painted during the Great Depression, by two local artists including the illustrator of the books Bambi and The Jungle Book.  Flemington's history is threatened by a developer's proposal to demolish the now closed Union Hotel and three adjacent building listed on the National Register of Historic Places to make way for an 8-story mixed use project that would overshadow Main Street's remaining buildings.  The City Council supports the development despite vocal opposition from citizens, the local historical society, and over 1,500 individuals who signed an online petition calling for the preservation of the Union Hotel and downtown Flemington's unique character defining features. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Blogger Candidate Forum: VPOTUS Debate

Hello Everyone:

It is time for the next round of debates. This time it is the running mates: Governor Mike Pence (R-IN) and Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA).  This should be a more sedate affair with a few very simple rules. First, have an adult conversation about the issues. Second, answer the key questions: how do you see yourself in the administration and are you able to assume the office of presidency questions.  Third and most important, do not embarrass yourself or the candidate. For Gov. Pence, the task is far more formidable: arrest the damage done by Donald Trump. Senator Kaine has an easier job, do no harm. The host is Elaine Quijano and the debate is sponsored by the Commission for Presidential Debates.  The format is nine 10-minute segments cover foreign and domestic issues. Are you ready?  Here we go.

Presidential leadership
TK: reminds crowd of Farmville's civil rights history. Reminds crowd of HRC campaign motto: stronger together.  Recites resume experience. Right hand man and strong supporter. Remind crowd of son serving overseas. Trusts HRC
MP: remind crowd of American weakened. Failed Obama policy. Recited personal history. Pretty awed by moment. Bring a lifetime of experience and growing up in small town.

EQ: why does TK trust HRC
TK: HRC focused on serving others. Putting others first. Contrast with DT-putting himself first. Reminder of DT's divisive campaign

EQ: why do you defend DT campaign
MP: failed foreign policy under HRC. Weakened AmericA's position weakened economy. Why the disconnect with the running mates?  Remind crowd of foreign donation to Clinton Foundation.
TK: remind crowd of HRC's foreign policy succeed: OBL is dead, Iran Nuclear deal, negotiated sanction on Russia

MP: double debt under current administration. Indiana was a state that worked. TK left Biriginais in debt. HRC and TK want more regulation, ACA, more tax increases. Lower eases for working families, repealing ACA, get coal going, trade deal that out America first. Get back to 3-1/2 percent growth.
TK: a you're hired plan. Employment in infrastructure, equal pay for equal work, debt free college, target tax relief for middle class. Trump plan-you're fired plan. MP voted against minimum wage increase. Tax breaks for people at the top. Clinton plan would grow the economy. Trump plan would cost jobs

EQ: asks about Trump tax plan.
MP: more races 2 trillion dollars in spending. Millions in poverty. This economy is struggling. Does it seems fair to MP that DT used the tax law to avoid paying taxes. Trying to defend DT-A businessman who created jobs.
TK: DT promised to released taxes. Remind of DT says he's smart for not paying taxes. DT must show taxes.

Social Security
TK: administration will protect Social security. Will not privatize social security. Look for ways to keep it solvent.
MP: will meet obligations to seniors. DT and MP will cut taxes.

Law Enforcement and Race Relations
TK: we put a lot on police shoulders. Reduced homocide as mayor. As governor worked to make Richmond safer. Believes in community police. Stop and frisk is mistake. Focus on mental health, gun violence, community. Remind of Viriginia Tech shooting in 2007. Sensible gun laws.
MP: agrees with TK on community policing. Will focus on getting police the resources they need for law and order.  Reminder of implicit bias-demean law enforcement.
TK: need discussion on race and law enforcement. Remind audience of Philando Castile. Afro-American and Latinos get sentenced to longer prison terms.

EQ: Afro-American senator stopped several times
MP: need criminal justice reform.  Signed criminal justice reform in Indiana. Law enforcement is a force for good. Need assert stronger leadership to support police.
TK: fundamental respect. Can't have someone at the top who insults people.

MP: Dems want to continue catch and release; sanctuary cities. DT has plan to remove criminal aliens and those who overstayed their visas. Surprised at characterization of DT campaign as insult driven.
TK: DT never apologize for insults and mean tweets. Two plans comprehensive immigration. Bipartisan reform that will keep families together, more enforcement, path to citizenship. DT wants deportation force.
MP: amnesty and open borders. DT committed to border security. Build a wall and focus on criminal aliens. Move out people who overstay visas. Reform immigration once borders are secure and deport criminal aliens. Then work on comprehensive reform.
TK: aghast over MP defense of DT

TK: terrorist threat somewhat decreased. HRC has plan to end ISIL. Keep taking out leaders, disrupt internet presence, work with allies. DT has no plan. Trash talks military, loves dictators, end alliances, world will be safer with more nuclear weapons.
MP: America's less safe today. Lack of leadership. Gives credit POTUS for killing OBL. Blames POTUS for creating vacuum that gave the world ISIL. Failed to provide status of forces agreement. Iranian deal-didn't stop nuclear proliferation

EQ: how would prevent home grown attacks
MP: supports extreme vetting of immigrants from areas of the world touched by terrorism. End refugee program.
TK: we want to keep out people who are dangerous not based on religion or national origin. Immigration enforcement and vetting based on religion or national origin dangerous.  Intelligence surge: dramatically expanding intelligence community and working with private sectors. Creation stronger alliances. Share information with allies.
MP: cyber warfare is the new warfare. Reminds audience about those emails

MP: US needs to exert strong leadership in Aleppo. HRC focused on Russia reset. American needs to establish safe zones and work with allies. US should be prepared to strike military targets of Assad. Put anti-nuclear defenses in Poland and Czech Republic
TK: remind audience of Russin connection to DT campaign.  DT will not rebuild military-re: tax avoidance. HRC went to DC to get rebuilding and first responders after 9/11. Believed in humanitarian solution.
MP: DT does support troops. Weak and feckless foreign policy awaken the Russian bear. Need America strength. Have framework for safe zone. No fly zone and safe passage.
TK: What would make Mid-East dangerous? Nuclear proliferation.
MP: HRC started deal to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons. Would left sanctions if Iran renounce nuclear ambitions.

TK: put sanctions on Russia. DT had to be reminded that Russia went into Crimea on 2014. Remind audience about DT ties to Russia. DT said he's doing business with Russia. Release taxes.
MP: denies TK's claims. HRC said number one priority was Russia reset. Created rise in an aggressive Russia. Iran has closer relation with Russia. Syria is imploding. ISIS is headquartered in Iraq. Ransom payments

EQ: why will Putin respect a Trump organization.
MP: strength. America superior to Russia in every way.
TK: MP said Vladimir Putin is a better leade than POTUS. DT sons have business dealing with Russia. What went wrong with reset-Putin. HRC worked with Russia on Iranian deal.

Threat of Nuclear Weapons in North Korea
MP: effective diplomacy and rebuild America. Put pressure on NK to abandon nuclear weapons. Go back to days of peace through strength. Remind audience of Clinton Foundation donations from foreign donors.  Pay to play political
TK: re: foundation. Highest rated foundation. HRC as Secretary of State acted in interests of US. Trump foundation has interests all over the world. Not a non-profit. Trump foundation fined for making political donation. Conflict of interests.
MP: Trump foundation is non-profit that gives 20 cents on the dollar to charity

EQ: take pre-emptive action
TK: have to take action. Verify intelligence. China supported sanctions on NK.  Relationship with China is challenging and competitive

Social Issues
TK: tries to follow teachings of his religion. Hardest struggle was death penalty. Against death penalty. Will not change religion to get a vote but vowed to uphold the law. Can't substitute views.
MP: also tries follow teachings of faith. The sanctity of life. Expand health care choices for women and adoption. HRC and TK support partial birth abortion. Wants use tax payer funds  for abortions.
TK: support Roe v. Wade. Trust women to make decisions about their pregnancy. No laws that punish  women for exercising their choice.
MP: denies it all. Believes that DT stands for right to life.
TK: why don't DT/MP trust women to make a choice

Unify Country
TK: has been devisive campaign. HRC well regarded in senate. As FLOTUS and senator worked across the aisle-track record of accomplishment.
MP: Change.  Fresh leadership